Butterworths Corporate Law Service Precedents

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Forms & Precedents

Butterworths Corporate Law Service (BCLS) adopts a practical approach to all aspects of corporate law, including company law, company administration, corporate finance, and corporate transactions, giving a narrative explanation of the law along with practical examples, useful checklists, procedural tables and specimen model accounts. This is the precedent material.

The commentary material from this title is available in Butterworths Corporate Law Service


Harvey Knight  Editor
Martha Bruce  Editor
Nicole Livesey  Editor
Brenda Hannigan  Editor
Jason Fisher  Editor
Saima Hanif  Editor
Simon Howley  Editor
James Mather  Editor
Glynis D Morris  Editor
Simon Graham  Editor
Matthew Morrison  Editor
Nigel Banerjee  Editor
Colin Smith  Editor
Anthony Turner  Editor
Professor Mark Watson-Gandy  Editor
Adam Duthie  Editor
Paul Marshall  Editor