Valentine: All Laws of Northern Ireland


Valentine covers the whole spectrum of law relating to Northern Ireland (NI). Written by Barry Valentine (a practising barrister in NI 1974-2015). It is a collection of the complete text, up-to-date and as applying to NI, of Acts, Orders, Rules and regulations relating to law, procedure and evidence. It provides coverage of most NI case law and key Irish and English case law if noteworthy in NI. Valentine contains all NI statutes; UK Acts and SIs which have a particular importance for or application to NI; and NI Statutory Rules & Orders. It does not contain certain NI statutes or parts thereof which are of only local, financial or administrative interest; UK Acts and SIs which are of general application to the UK, have no particular interest to lawyers and which do not have a particular application to NI. Provisions in UK Acts which merely provide that the NI Parliament or Assembly, or the Secretary of State by Order-in-Council for NI, has power to pass legislation for the same purposes as the Act; Forms annexed to Rules are listed but only some important forms are set out in full; EU Directives and Regulations; International Treaties. Symbol ?? indicates that there is some point or query about the text yet to be resolved. Legislation is printed with all amendments in force to the date of publication. The source of amendments is only noted if it seems helpful. The date of coming into force is given for more recent enactments or where it seems important. The source and date of amendments to SRs and SIs is given. Amending provisions of prospective legislation is found in the amending statute. Provisions relating to only England or Scotland are omitted. Indirect amendments are indicated by putting the changed words in square brackets. Where a statute is repealed or replaced, every effort has been made to identify and set out any modifications using square brackets to indicate implied amendments. In titles of Acts they are Acts of the UK Parliament unless the words ‘(Ireland)’ or ‘(Northern Ireland)’ appear after the words ‘Act’. Annotations to statutes or rules are marked in square brackets with the word ‘Annotation’ and are shaded.