Appeal Tracker, Practice Directions and Court Information

Current Awareness

Appeal Tracker will help you manage risk and predict your work flows. In cases of legal interest which are appealable to the Civil Division of the Court of Appeal or to the Supreme Court, Appeal Tracker will tell you whether or not a case is being appealed and, if it is, what stage the case is at in the appeal process.

So if, for example, you are concerned that an appeal in a particular case may affect the advice that you give, you will have advance information as to when the appeal is going to be heard, and can tailor your advice accordingly. Equally, if you discover that a case isn't being appealed, you may decide to advise that it is safe to take a particular step because no appeal is pending.

Appeal Tracker also includes updates to the status of tax cases, ranging from First-tier Tribunal to Court of Justice of the European Union, giving expected hearing/judgment dates, until they become final.

Subscribers to Appeal Tracker will also receive the latest court information, changes to opening times, closures and term times. In addition, judicial appointments and retirements are also now available.

Finally, subscribers to this source will also receive alerts to full text Practice Directions.