APIL Personal Injury


Issue 59 (May 2020)

Note to Customers

You may notice some changes to the look and numbering system of the pages of your latest looseleaf release, and the issue may be larger than an average update. We are in the process of standardising the look and feel of Jordan Publishing titles to align with other publications in the LexisNexis portfolio and will be releasing larger chunks of content until the entire looseleaf has been published in this new format. Rest assured, issues will remain comprehensive and up to date during this standardisation process and the cost of any increase in extent as a result of the transition will not be passed on to you.

Issue 59 contains amendments to Divisions A, B, C and F as follows:

Division A (Law and Liability) – Section A6 (Personal Injuries on the Highway) and Section A11 (Actions against the Police).

Division B (Limitation) – all sections have been updated.

Division C (Damages) – Section C2 (General Damages) and Section C20 (Remedies Under the Human Rights Act 1998).

Division F (Running the Case) – Section F16 (Fast Track) and Section F20 (Trials).


 David Marshall Author
 Frances McCarthy Author