APIL Personal Injury: Law, Practice and Precedents

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Designed and written by leading claimant lawyers, APIL Personal Injury: Law, Practice and Precedents, available in print or as part of LexisLibrary, is a comprehensive and practical reference work dealing with every aspect of personal injury practice. Combining authoritative commentary, expertly drafted precedents and other key materials, it is the ideal resource for all claimant lawyers.

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Issue 72, May 2022

Update Information

Issue 72 contains amendments to Divisions A, B, F and J as follows:

Division A (Law and Liability)

  • Sections A0 (Coronavirus (COVID-19)) and A4 (Occupational Illness Claims).

  • Division B (Limitation)
  • Sections B3 (Accidents Covered by Other Statutes), B5 (When Does Time Start to Run?) and B6 (Getting Time Extended).

  • Division F (Running the Case)
  • Sections 14 (Part 36 Offers) and F21 (Group Litigation).

  • Division J (Quantum Facts and Figures (Andrew Wilson)
  • Section J1 (The Judicial College Guidelines).

  • Contributors

    David Marshall  General editor
    Frances McCarthy  General editor
    Richard Baker  Contributor
    Sana Bibi  Contributor
    Ellie Brown  Contributor
    Richard Cropper  Contributor
    Robert Dickason  Contributor
    Sarah Edwards  Contributor
    Simon Ellis  Contributor
    Elliot Gold  Contributor
    Daniel Green  Contributor
    Elizabeth-Anne Gumbel QC  Contributor
    Ian Gunn  Contributor
    Nick Hanning  Contributor
    Mark Harvey  Contributor
    Rose Harvey-Sullivan  Contributor
    Paul Higgins  Contributor
    Philip Hughes  Contributor
    Michael Imperato  Contributor
    Lara Knight  Contributor
    Jerard Knott  Contributor
    Harry Lambert  Contributor
    Nicholas Leahy  Contributor
    Jasmine Leng  Contributor
    Jan Markland  Contributor
    John McQuater  Contributor
    Jasmine Murphy  Contributor
    David Myhill  Contributor
    Mass Ndow-Njie  Contributor
    Daniel Neill  Contributor
    Jodi Newton  Contributor
    Andrea Oates  Contributor
    Robin Oppenheim QC  Contributor
    James Robottom  Contributor
    Helen Rodger  Contributor
    Ben Rodgers  Contributor
    Mary Smith  Contributor
    Abigail Stamp  Contributor
    Matthew Stockwell  Contributor
    Tim Wallis  Contributor
    Andrew Wilson  Contributor
    Helen Wilson  Contributor