APIL Guide to Fatal Accidents

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Source Currency: Fourth Edition, June 2019

The APIL Guide to Fatal Accidents provides practical advice on how to run a case involving a fatal accident and how to secure maximum awards for the family, dependants and estate of the deceased.

The fourth edition has been extensively revised and updated with reference to the latest case law and guidance. In addition there is:

• A new chapter on multipliers and periods of loss in fatal cases.
• A chapter that deals with the common pitfalls and problems in fatal cases and how to avoid them.
• The questionnaires and checklists have been updated and revised to ensure that the practitioner can obtain all the relevant information in a way that is both comprehensive and yet maintains compassion and respect for the difficult situation that clients face.

Useful practical materials such as the client questionnaires, checklists, draft pleadings and schedules of damages complement the text. In addition the relevant statutory materials and the 7th Edition of the Ogden Tables are reproduced for ease of reference.