APIL Guide to Child Abuse Compensation Claims

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Source Currency: 3rd Edition (December 2020)

The APIL Guide to Child Abuse Compensation Claims has been written specifically for personal injury lawyers by practitioners with direct experience of the field. It provides lawyers with all the information they need to undertake compensation claims for clients who have suffered from physical, sexual and emotional abuse.

• This new edition has been extensively revised and rewritten to include:
• New cases on aggravated damages;
• Aftermath of CN v Poole BC;
• Liability for indecent images;
• Consent as a defence;
• New chapter on Scotland;
• Update on limitation;
• Commentary on the case of Dunn v Durham;
• New section on lay witness evidence.

The APIL Guide to Child Abuse Claims is the definitive guide to this challenging area of the law.


Kim Leslie  Contributor
Malcolm Johnson  Contributor
Justin Levinson  Contributor
Elisabeth-Anne Gumbel QC  Contributor
Richard Scorer  Contributor
Jonathan Wheeler  Contributor