Anthony and Berryman's Magistrates' Court Guide 2021

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2021 Edition. Up to date to 1 October 2020

Anthony & Berryman's Magistrates' Court Guide 2021 is the definitive guide to all activities of the magistrates' court and provides a completely up-to-date picture of the law as at 1 October 2020.

The text has been updated to take effect of the Sentencing Code (Sentencing Act 2020).

Six sections cover the following topics:

• Criminal offences dealt with in magistrates' courts
• Sentencing
• Road traffic offences
• Property in possession of police
• The youth court
• Liquor licensing
• Betting and gaming licensing
• Council tax
• Court room procedure
• Remands in custody and bail
• Justices in the Crown Court
• The role of the justices' clerk
• Applications to a justice

Practical and easy to use, it is the single most important guide to all the activities of the magistrates' court, containing straightforward and concise coverage of new case law.

The 2021 edition includes the follow updates:

• The Coronavirus Act 2020
• The Criminal Procedure Rules 2020
• The latest cases on:
 ‒ Time limit for offences created by regulations made under the Animal Welfare Act 2006
 ‒ While assault and assault by beating are separate offences, the court can convict of ‘assault by beating’ where the charge refers only to ‘common assault’
 ‒ The offence of voyeurism under s 67 of the Sexual Offences Act 2003 is not limited to persons not present during the private act in question
 ‒ There is no power to issue a community protection notice in the name of a parent concerning the conduct of another person (their child)
 ‒ Enforcement of confiscation orders
 ‒ Criminal behaviour orders – relevance of the ability of the defendant to understand and comply with the order
 ‒ Setting aside orders made in civil proceedings – circumstances in which failure to apply promptly might be forgiven
 ‒ New surcharge levels and guidance on the appropriate levels where multiple fines and mixed disposals are imposed
 ‒ Causing death offences – test of causation
 ‒ Insurance – determining whether or not a particular journey falls within a particular use
 ‒ Aggregation of small thefts – meaning of ‘charged on the same occasion’
 ‒ Remand in custody following appearance in answer to a requisition
 ‒ Custody time limit – whether delay caused by the Coronavirus pandemic can amount to ‘good and sufficient cause’


 Adrian Turner Author