1 Title, commencement and application

2 Interpretation: general

3 Interpretation: Directives

4 Plant material to which these Regulations apply

5 Marketing of plant material

6 Exceptions

7 Varieties that may be marketed

8 References to variety of plant material

9 Certification of plant material

10 Labelling, sealing and packaging of certified plant material

11 Registration of suppliers

12 Appeals

13 Register of suppliers

14 Suppliers: plan to identify and monitor production process

15 Suppliers: record keeping

16 Inspectors

17 Entry and inspection of land and premises

18 Search and examination of items on land and premises

19 Information notice

20 Prohibition on movement notice

21 Enforcement and prohibition notice

22 Appeals against notices

23 Compliance with notices

24 Offences and penalties

25 Offences by bodies corporate

26 Notices and authorisations

27 Arrangements for official measures

28 Transitional provision

29 Revocation



SCHEDULE 3 Genera and Species to which These Regulations Apply

SCHEDULE 4 Registration of Varieties