1 Title, commencement and application

2 Interpretation

3 Classes of review to be decided by an appointed person

4 Grounds for review

5 Applications for review

6 Notification of receipt of application for review and related requirements

7 Notice to interested persons and others

8 Welsh Ministers' review statement

9 Written representations procedure

10 Appointment of assessor

11 Notice of hearing, specified matters and appearances at hearing

12 Date and notification of hearing

13 Procedure at hearing

14 Appointment of assessor

15 Notice of inquiry, specified matters and appearances at inquiry

16 Date and notification of, and publicity in relation to, inquiry

17 Service of inquiry statements, documents etc

18 Procedure at inquiry

19 Appointment of assessor


21 Site inspections

22 Allowing further time

23 Publication of review documents

24 Notification of decision