1 Citation, commencement and extent

2 Application of the Order

3 Interpretation

4 Prohibition on imports

5 Investment in infrastructure

6 Equipment and technology related to infrastructure development

7 Dual-use goods and technology

8 Transfer of oil exploration technologies

9 Providing services for oil exploration

10 Providing or carrying restricted goods

11 Providing assistance related to restricted goods and dual use goods and technology

12 Financial measures

13 Licences granted by the Governor

14 Licences granted outside the Territory

15 Claims for indemnity or under contract

16 Requirement to publish relevant lists

17 Evidence and information

18 Functions of the Governor

19 Circumvention and contravention of prohibitions

20 Penalties

21 Proceedings


SCHEDULE 1 Territories to which this Order Extends

SCHEDULE 2 Application of Article 20 to Particular Territories

SCHEDULE 3 Evidence and Information