Miller: Product Liability and Safety Encyclopaedia

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A complete guide to the legislation affecting manufacturers, retailers and importers with a narrative explanation, annotated statutes, regulations and circulars in each of the areas covered. Includes a consumer protection directory of contacts.

Issue 118, March 2018


Division II Liability in Contract
Updates have been made to this Division and the following have been amended:
  • Enterprise Act 2002

  • Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008, SI 2008/1277

  • The Consumer Contracts (ICAC) Regulations 2013, SI 2013/3134

  • Division IV Criminal Law: Product Safety
    Updates have been made to this Division and the following have been amended:
  • Tobacco Advertising and Promotion Act 2002

  • Justification of Practices involving Ionising Radiation Regulations 2004, SI 2004/1769

  • Tobacco Advertising and Promotion (Brandsharing) Regulations 2004, SI 2004/1824

  • Blood Safety and Quality Regulations 2005, SI 2005/50

  • The Volatile Organic Compounds in Paints, Varnishes and Vehicle Refinishing Products Regulations 2012, SI 2012/1715

  • Electrical Equipment (Safety) Regulations 2016, SI 2016/1101
  • Contributors

    A Chong , PhD (Nottingham), Associate Professor of Law, Singapore Management University Editorial team member
    C G J Morse , MA, BCL (Oxon), Barrister, Professor of Law, Kings College London Editorial team member
    C J Miller , BA, LLM, of Lincoln's Inn, Barrister, Professor of English Law, Birmingham University Editorial team member
    Mark Mildred , MA (Cantab), Solicitor, Professor of Litigation, Nottingham Law School Editorial team member