Journal of International Banking & Financial Law

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A highly regarded and authoritative monthly journal that provides the latest information on developments in banking and financial law throughout the world. Published 11 times a year, this is an indispensable publication for any professionals needing to keep up to date with law and practice in the global financial market.

This online publication includes editorial, articles, international briefings, update service and book reviews. Occasional supplements are not included online.

Print ISSN: 0269-2694

Volume 34, Issue 3, 1 March 2019

Citation: (2019) 3 JIBFL 147


The tide goes out: the shape of UK financial services legislation post-Brexit: Part 2
Tracing proceeds of unauthorised dispositions of assets subject to a charge
Claims under s 90A of FSMA for dishonest statements made to the market: an underutilised remedy?
Is insolvency set-off an exclusive code?
“Failure to Pay” needs a restructuring
Foreign restructurings and English law debts: the limits to cross-border assistance
New guidance from the FCA on the fairness of variation terms in consumer contracts
Identifying and tracing the origins and flows of cryptocurrency
Taking security over Luxembourg's special limited partnership vehicle
Easier said than done: the failure of the European Central Bank's Guidance on Leveraged Transactions
How does German law interpret English law terminology in German law contracts?
EU competition law: the liability of group companies for each other's wrongdoing
SMEs and financial services disputes: Part 2: a Financial Services Tribunal
Peer-to-peer lending: will it sink or swim when the downturn comes?
Interpretation of contracts in a digital economy
PD3: Level 2 measures: round-up: where are we now?
Competition Law Update
EU Update
Cases Analysis
Regulation Update
Market Movements
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Janina Godowska Sub-editor
John Jarvis , QC Consultant editor
Rebecca Smith Senior editor and international briefings editor