• Parole Board (Scotland) Amendment Rules 2010 (subscription)

    SSI 2010/164: New rule 12A to allow the use of a live link (such as a television link) in taking evidence

    From UK SI Summaries - May 4, 2010

  • Train Driving Licences and Certificates Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2010 (subscription)

    SR 2010/132: Train drivers required to obtain licences attesting to medical, educational and general professional skills

    From UK SI Summaries - April 30, 2010

  • Charities Now Affected by More Legislation (subscription)

    New provisions of the Charities Act 2006 due to come into force 1 June 2010 will increase regulation of a number of charities. Lucy Trevelyan talks to Withers partner, Chris Priestley

    From UK Legal News Analysis - April 30, 2010

  • Business of Law – Virtual Law Firms (subscription)

    How important is having an office to running a successful law firm? Grania Langdon-Down investigates the world of the ‘virtual law firm’ and talks to Allan Carton, director of business development consultancy Inpractice UK, and pioneers in the field; Andrew Woolley, senior partner of the first virtual law firm Woolley & Co; James Knight, managing partner of Keystone Law; and Lucy Scott-Moncrieff, partner of Scott-Moncrieff Harbour Sinclair

    From UK Legal News Analysis - April 30, 2010

  • Summary of Pensions News for the Week Ending 30 April 2010 (subscription)

    A round-up of the latest developments in the pensions world in the week ending 30 April 2010

    From Specialist News Analysis - April 30, 2010

  • ACA Chairman Says 'Time to Get Positive' About Pensions (subscription)

    The Association of Consulting Actuaries has published its Biennial Review, which has as its theme ‘getting positive’ about retirement income policies

    From Specialist News Analysis - April 30, 2010

  • Data Protection and Non-compliance Urgently Require Change in the UK (subscription)

    The development of Web 2.0 has had a huge impact, allowing the public to contribute to debate—or just to make our opinions known. This process has lead to a number of issues arising, the consequences of which have not yet been fully identified, let alone resolved. Gavin Jones talks to Professor Lorna Woods, media expert at City University, London, about whether journalists in the UK get special treatment, and if so, why?

    From UK Legal News Analysis - April 30, 2010

  • Hewitt Survey Reveals Continued Pressure to do More for Less in Pension Administration (subscription)

    Hewitt Associates has published the results of its second annual pension administration survey, which highlights how scheme administrators remain under pressure to do more for less cost, and how changing scheme circumstances are increasingly driving strategy

    From Specialist News Analysis - April 30, 2010

  • Employers Still Unprepared for Auto-Enrolment (subscription)

    Despite the considerable preparations necessary to implement auto-enrolment, only a small proportion of employers appear to have taken steps to get themselves ready for the changes, according to a survey by Mercer

    From Specialist News Analysis - April 30, 2010

  • Toxic Sofa Case Has Implications for Retailers, Insurance Companies and Litigants (subscription)

    The High Court recently ordered several High Street retailers to compensate victims of chemical burns from leather sofas. The group litigation orders (GLO) case is likely to affect the way future large-scale litigation is carried out, and the way retailers deal with foreign suppliers and their insurance requirements. Jon Trevelyan talks with Richard Langton, a partner at Russell, Jones & Walker

    From UK Legal News Analysis - April 30, 2010