Posted by DianJohnson to Sheffield Hallam on the 10th November 2010.

As any good law student will know the competition for training contracts is incredibly fierce. This is now more than ever due to the recession. In these times law students do not just need a good academic background, they also need to prove they have obtained certain skills, through extra curricular activities for example, that are transferrable to their future career...

This is essential as can be demonstrated by Legal Week's latest research which states that training contract vacancies in the UK's top 30 law firms fell by 11% over the past 3 years! It also showed that the total amount of training contracts up for grabs this year stands at 1,225, which are 150 less places than in the past 2 years. In addition to this averages of 35 people apply for every one training contract position, giving every candidate a 2.9% chance of success.

In these tough times I am not being untruthful by saying that there is a difficult struggle ahead for those wanting to enter the profession. However, if you have all the required skills on your CV or application form, you can rehearse well and be confident in interviews and have a fabulous academic background all is not lost. I would give the advice to any 1st or 2nd year student that building on that collection of skills needs to start sooner rather than later. This can then demonstrate to a prospective employer that you are a dedicated, intelligent and worthy individual for a training contract!

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