Publisher Citation: [2002] All ER (D) 288 (Jul)
Court: Administrative Court

Burton J

Representation Adam Vaitilingham (instructed by Bay Advocates) for the appellant.
  The prosecution did not appear and was not represented.
Judgment Dates: 19 July 2002


Firearms - Certificate - Revocation - Appellant in possession of shotgun and firearms certificates - Police finding two well-hidden handguns not covered by certificates - Appellant lying to police as to origins of one handgun - Appellant pleading guilty to unlawful possession of firearms - Whether evidence justifying revocation of firearms and shotgun certificates - ss 30A(2), 30C.

The Case

Although the appellant's previous convictions for possessing unlicensed handguns and ammunition and the findings of fact that those handguns had been well-hidden and that the appellant had told lies to the police concerning the origins of one handgun could justify the revocation of his firearms certificate on the grounds that he was 'unfitted to be entrusted with a firearm' for the purposes of s30A(2)(b) of the that evidence did not support the proposition that the appellant could not be permitted to possess a shot gun without danger to the public safety or to the peace so as to justify the revocation of his shotgun certificate under s30C of the Act.

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