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Part 1 The Small Business Commissioner

The Commissioner

“Small businesses”

General advice and information

Complaints scheme

Reports and reviews

Power to abolish


Part 2 Regulators

Business impact target

Reporting requirements

Application of regulators' principles and code of practice

Secondary legislation: duty to review

Part 3 Regulatory Enforcement and Sanctions Act 2008

Part 4 Apprenticeships

Part 5 Late Payment of Insurance Claims

Part 6 Non-Domestic Rating

Part 7 Sunday Working

Part 8 Other Enterprise-Related Provisions

Industrial development

UK Government Investments Limited

UK Green Investment Bank

The Pubs Code Adjudicator and the Pubs Code

Part 9 Public Sector Employment: Restrictions on Exit Payments

Part 10 General Provisions

  • SCHEDULE 1 The Small Business Commissioner
  • SCHEDULE 2 Business Impact Target: Consequential and Related Amendments
  • SCHEDULE 3 Primary Authority Scheme: New Schedule 4A to RESA 2008
  • SCHEDULE 4 The Institute for Apprenticeships
  • SCHEDULE 5 Sunday Working
  • SCHEDULE 6 Restriction on Public Sector Exit Payments: Consequential and Related Provision