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Part I Introductory

Part II Proscribed Organisations



Part III Terrorist Property



Seizure of terrorist cash

Part IV Terrorist Investigations



Information and evidence

Part V Counter-Terrorist Powers

Suspected terrorists

Power to stop and search


Port and border controls

Part VI Miscellaneous

Terrorist offences

Inciting terrorism overseas

Terrorist bombing and finance offences

Part VII Northern Ireland

Scheduled offences

Powers of arrest, search, &c


Specified organisations

Duration of Part VII

Part VIII General

  • SCHEDULE 1 Northern Ireland (Emergency Provisions) Act 1996
  • SCHEDULE 2 Proscribed Organisations
  • SCHEDULE 3 The Proscribed Organisations Appeal Commission

SCHEDULE 4 Forfeiture Orders

  • Part I England and Wales
  • Part II Scotland
  • Part III Northern Ireland
  • Part IV Insolvency: United Kingdom Provisions

SCHEDULE 5 Terrorist Investigations: Information

  • Part I England and Wales and Northern Ireland
  • Part II Scotland
  • SCHEDULE 6 Financial Information
  • SCHEDULE 7 Port and Border Controls

SCHEDULE 8 Detention

  • Part I Treatment of Persons Detained under Section 41 or Schedule 7
  • Part II Review of Detention under Section 41
  • Part III Extension of Detention under Section 41

SCHEDULE 9 Scheduled Offences

  • Part I Substantive Offences
  • Part II Inchoate and Related Offences
  • Part III Extra-Territorial Offences
  • SCHEDULE 10 Munitions and Transmitters: Search and Seizure
  • SCHEDULE 11 Independent Assessor of Military Complaints Procedures in Northern Ireland
  • SCHEDULE 12 Compensation
  • SCHEDULE 13 Private Security Services
  • SCHEDULE 14 Exercise of Officers' Powers
  • SCHEDULE 15 Consequential Amendments

SCHEDULE 16 Repeals and Revocations

  • Part I Acts
  • Part II Orders