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87Annual plan of the Chief Inspector for Wales

(1)    The Chief Inspector for Wales must, for the purposes of the consultation required under section 104(4) of the 1998 Act (funding of HM Chief Inspector of Education and Training for Wales), prepare a plan for each financial year.

(2)    The plan must be submitted to the National Assembly by such time before the beginning of the financial year to which it relates as the National Assembly may direct.

(3)    The plan must contain estimates of—

(a)    the expenditure necessary, in the financial year to which the plan relates, in order to secure that the functions of the Chief Inspector for Wales are discharged effectively; and

(b)    the income which the Chief Inspector for Wales will receive in that financial year and which may be applied towards meeting the expenses of the Chief Inspector for Wales.

(4)    The plan must also contain proposals for the management of any funds which may be provided by the National Assembly for that financial year.

(5)    The Chief Inspector for Wales may, after the plan has been approved under section 104(4A) of the 1998 Act, publish it in such manner and at such time as appear to the Chief Inspector for Wales to be appropriate.

(6)    “The 1998 Act” means the Government of Wales Act 1998.

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To be appointed: see s 154(2)(a).

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