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66Reports of area inspections

(1)    On completing an area inspection, Her Majesty's Chief Inspector of Schools in England must make a written report.

(2)    In preparing the report the Chief Inspector must ensure that the views of the Chief Inspector of Adult Learning in relation to the subject matter of the inspection, so far as—

(a)    the Chief Inspector is aware of them, and

(b)    they relate to matters within the Inspectorate's remit,

are properly recorded in the report.

(3)    The Chief Inspector must send a copy of the report to—

(a)    the Secretary of State,

(b)    the Learning and Skills Council for England;

(c)    the Adult Learning Inspectorate;

(d)    each local education authority whose area, or part of whose area, falls within the area which is the subject of the inspection; and

(e)    such other persons as he considers appropriate.

(4)    The Chief Inspector must arrange for the report to be published in such manner as he considers appropriate.

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To be appointed: see s 154(1)(a).

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