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62Inspection of further education institutions

(1)    Her Majesty's Chief Inspector of Schools in England must inspect all institutions within the further education sector other than those providing education or training falling wholly within the remit of the Adult Learning Inspectorate.

(2)    Inspections are to be conducted at such intervals as may be specified by the Secretary of State.

(3)    When the Chief Inspector has completed an inspection under this section he must make a written report.

(4)    The report—

(a)    must state whether the Chief Inspector considers the education or training inspected to be adequate to meet the reasonable needs of those receiving it; and

(b)    may deal with such other matters as the Chief Inspector considers relevant.

(5)    Copies of the report must be sent to—

(a)    the Secretary of State;

(b)    the Learning and Skills Council for England;

(c)    the provider of the education or training inspected.

(6)    Copies may also be sent to such other persons as the Chief Inspector considers appropriate.

(7)    The Chief Inspector must arrange for the report to be published in such manner as he considers appropriate.

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To be appointed: see s 154(1)(a).

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