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6Financial resources: conditions

(1)    If the Council itself provides financial resources it may impose conditions; and the conditions may include any provisions described below.

(2)    The conditions may—

(a)    require the Council or a person designated by it to be allowed access to a person's accounts and documents and to be given rights in relation to a person's computers and associated apparatus and material;

(b)    require a person to whom financial resources are provided to give to the Council information it requests for the purpose of carrying out its functions.

(3)    The conditions may require a person providing or proposing to provide education or training (the provider) to make arrangements providing for all or any of the following—

(a)    for the provider to charge fees by reference to specified criteria;

(b)    for the provider to make awards by reference to specified criteria;

(c)    for the provider to recover amounts from persons receiving education or training or from employers (or from both);

(d)    for amounts to be determined by reference to specified criteria where provision is made under paragraph (c);

(e)    for specified exemptions to operate where provision is made under paragraph (c);

(f)    for the provider to make provision specified in a report of an assessment conducted under section 140.

(4)    The conditions may—

(a)    relate to the provision made (or to be made) with respect to disabled persons by a person providing or proposing to provide education or training;

(b)    require a person providing education or training to publish at specified intervals statements containing information of a specified description about the facilities for education or training provided by him with respect to disabled persons.

(5)    The conditions may—

(a)    enable the Council to require the repayment (in whole or part) of sums paid by the Council if any of the conditions subject to which the sums were paid is not complied with;

(b)    require the payment of interest in respect of any period in which a sum due to the Council in accordance with any condition is unpaid.

(6)    Disabled persons are persons who are disabled for the purposes of the Disability Discrimination Act 1995.

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