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PartIIIInspections in England Chapter I
The Adult Learning InspectorateThe Inspectorate52The Inspectorate

(1)    There shall be a body corporate called the Adult Learning Inspectorate.

(2)    The Inspectorate is to consist of 9 members appointed by the Secretary of State.

(3)    The Secretary of State must appoint one of the members as chairman and another of the members as the Inspectorate's chief officer.

(4)    The chief officer is to be known as the Chief Inspector of Adult Learning.

(5)    In appointing any member, the Secretary of State must have regard to the desirability of appointing a person who has experience relevant to the Inspectorate's functions.

(6)    The Secretary of State may make grants to the Inspectorate of such amounts and subject to such conditions as he thinks fit.

(7)    The conditions may—

(a)    set the Inspectorate's budget for any of its financial years;

(b)    require it to use the grants for specified purposes;

(c)    enable the Secretary of State to require the repayment, in whole or in part, of sums paid by him if any condition imposed is not complied with;

(d)    require the payment of interest in respect of any period during which a sum due to the Secretary of State in accordance with any of the conditions remains unpaid.

(8)    Schedule 6 contains provisions about the Inspectorate.

Initial Commencement
To be appointed

To be appointed: see s 154(1)(a).

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