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(1)    The Council must make a plan for each of its financial years.

(2)    The Council must send its plan for its first financial year to the National Assembly as soon as is reasonably practicable after the year starts.

(3)    The Council must send its plan for any subsequent financial year of the Council to the National Assembly before the year starts.

(4)    A plan for a financial year must include—

(a)    proposals as to how the Council intends to achieve in the financial year any objectives which should be achieved in the year in conformity with directions of the National Assembly or with conditions imposed under section 49;

(b)    the Council's financial proposals for the year;

(c)    such other matters as the National Assembly specifies.

(5)    The National Assembly must approve the plan or require the Council to make specified alterations of it; and if alterations are required the Council must make them.

(6)    The Council must publish the plan as approved by the National Assembly or as altered in accordance with the National Assembly's requirements; and publication must be made at such time and in such manner as the National Assembly specifies.

(7)    The Council may make and publish such other plans as it thinks fit; but any such plan must not conflict with a plan for a financial year.

Initial Commencement
To be appointed

To be appointed: see s 154(2)(a).

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