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Main duties31Education and training for persons aged 16 to 19

(1)    The Council must secure the provision of proper facilities for—

(a)    education (other than higher education) suitable to the requirements of persons who are above compulsory school age but have not attained the age of 19,

(b)    training suitable to the requirements of such persons,

(c)    organised leisure-time occupation connected with such education, and

(d)    organised leisure-time occupation connected with such training.

(2)    Facilities are proper if they are—

(a)    of a quantity sufficient to meet the reasonable needs of individuals, and

(b)    of a quality adequate to meet those needs.

(3)    In performing the duty imposed on it by subsection (1) the Council must—

(a)    take account of the places where facilities are provided, the character of facilities and the way they are equipped;

(b)    take account of the different abilities and aptitudes of different persons;

(c)    take account of the education and training required in different sectors of employment for employees and potential employees;

(d)    take account of facilities whose provision the Council thinks might reasonably be secured by other persons;

(e)    make the best use of the Council's resources and in particular avoid provision which might give rise to disproportionate expenditure.

(4)    Provision is not to be considered as giving rise to disproportionate expenditure only because that provision is more expensive than comparable provision.

(5)    For the purposes of this section—

(a)    education includes both full-time and part-time education;

(b)    training includes both full-time and part-time training;

(c)    training includes vocational, social, physical and recreational training;

(d)    higher education is education provided by means of a course of any description mentioned in Schedule 6 to the Education Reform Act 1988.

Initial Commencement
To be appointed

To be appointed: see s 154(2)(a).

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