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PartIINational Council for Education and Training for Wales The Council30The Council

(1)    There shall be a body corporate called the National Council for Education and Training for Wales or Cyngor Cenedlaethol Cymru dros Addysg a Hyfforddiant.

(2)    The Council is to consist of not less than 10 and not more than 12 members appointed by the National Assembly for Wales (the National Assembly) and the National Assembly must appoint one of them as chairman.

(3)    In appointing a member the National Assembly must have regard to the desirability of appointing a person who has experience relevant to the Council's functions.

(4)    Schedule 4 contains provisions about the Council.

(5)    The Council's functions are to be carried out in relation to Wales only.

Initial Commencement
To be appointed

To be appointed: see s 154(2)(a).

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