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(1)    The Secretary of State may give directions to the Council; and the directions may include any provisions described in subsections (2) to (4).

(2)    Directions may contain—

(a)    objectives which the Council should achieve in seeking to carry out its functions;

(b)    time limits within which the Council should achieve the objectives;

(c)    provision relating to the management of the Council.

(3)    Subsection (4) applies if the Secretary of State is satisfied that the Council—

(a)    has failed to discharge a duty imposed by or under any Act, or

(b)    has acted or is proposing to act unreasonably with respect to the exercise of a power conferred or the performance of a duty imposed by or under any Act.

(4)    In such a case directions may contain such provision as the Secretary of State thinks fit as to the exercise of the Council's powers and performance of its duties.

(5)    Directions may contain provision described in subsection (4) despite any enactment making the exercise of a power or performance of a duty contingent on the Council's opinion.

(6)    Directions may not concern the provision of financial resources in respect of activities carried on by a particular person or persons.

(7)    If the Secretary of State asks the Council to do so, it must advise him on the formulation of objectives and time limits.

(8)    The Council must comply with any directions given to it by the Secretary of State.

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