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133City colleges and academies: special educational needs

After section 483 of the Education Act 1996 there shall be inserted—

“483A City colleges and academies: special educational needs

(1)    This section applies in relation to any child falling within subsection (2) if the condition in subsection (3) is satisfied.

(2)    A child falls within this subsection if—

(a)    he is a child for whom a statement is maintained under section 324, and

(b)    he attends (or proposes to attend) a school which is a city technology college, a city college for the technology of the arts or a city academy.

(3)    The condition in this subsection is satisfied if—

(a)    the school is approved by the Secretary of State under section 347(1), or

(b)    the Secretary of State consents to the child being educated at the school.

(4)    The Secretary of State may by regulations make provision for securing that arrangements are made—

(a)    for making the special educational provision specified in the statement;

(b)    for making any non-educational provision specified in the statement.

(5)    Regulations under subsection (4) may require or authorise a local education authority—

(a)    to make payments to the school in respect of the child, or

(b)    to provide any other assistance to the school in respect of the child.

(6)    No condition or requirement imposed by virtue of section 482(4)(a) is to prevent a local education authority making payments or providing assistance by virtue of subsection (5).

(7)    This section does not apply to schools in Wales.”

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