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(1)    In sections 123 to 128—

“local authority” means a county council or a county borough council,

“Health Authority” has the meaning given by section 8 of the National Health Service Act 1977,

“parent”, in relation to a child, means a person who has parental responsibility for him within the meaning of section 3 of the Children Act 1989,

“probation committee” means a committee established under section 3 of the Probation Service Act 1993,

“police authority” has the meaning given by section 101 of the Police Act 1996,

“young person” has the meaning given by section 123(3),

“youth offending team” means a team established under section 39 of the Crime and Disorder Act 1998, and

“youth support services” has the meaning given by section 123(2).

(2)    The power under section 123 shall not relate to services which are provided or to be provided outside Wales.

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To be appointed: see s 154(2)(b).

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