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128Conduct and effect of inspections

(1)    This section applies where a service is inspected pursuant to a request under section 127(1)(c) or in accordance with section 127(1)(d).

(2)    A person carrying out or participating in the inspection shall have the same powers as an Inspector under the following provisions of the School Inspections Act 1996—

(a)    section 6(3)(a) and (b) (right of access), and

(b)    section 42 (computer records).

(3)    Section 42A of that Act (publication of reports) shall apply.

(4)    Where the Chief Inspector arranges for the publication of a report of an inspection, the person who provides the inspected service shall—

(a)    prepare a written statement of the action which he proposes to take in the light of the report and the period within which he proposes to take it,

(b)    publish the statement within such period, and in such manner, as may be prescribed by regulations made by the National Assembly for Wales, and

(c)    send copies of the statement to such persons as may be prescribed by regulations made by the National Assembly.

(5)    Where a local authority provides an inspected service, or secures or participates in the provision of an inspected service, the authority—

(a)    shall ensure that the action specified in any statement prepared under subsection (4)(a) is sufficient to remedy any weakness mentioned in the report, and

(b)    shall take all reasonable steps to ensure that the action specified in the statement is taken within the period specified.

(6)    If the National Assembly consider that a local authority is failing to comply with its duties under subsection (5)—

(a)    the National Assembly may give directions to the local authority about the performance of those duties, and

(b)    the authority shall comply with the directions.

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