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124Local authority: duty and powers

(1)    A local authority—

(a)    shall comply with a direction given to it under section 123(1), and

(b)    may provide, secure the provision of or participate in the provision of youth support services otherwise than in accordance with paragraph (a).

(2)    Action which a local authority takes in pursuance of subsection (1)—

(a)    may relate to a particular class of young persons;

(b)    may relate to services for a person from another area.

(3)    In complying with a direction under section 123(1) a local authority shall have regard to the expediency of co-operation with voluntary organisations.

(4)    For the purpose of subsection (1) a local authority may—

(a)    incur expenditure;

(b)    employ officers;

(c)    enter into agreements for the supply of goods or services;

(d)    do anything else (other than forming companies) which they consider necessary or expedient.

(5)    Nothing in or done under section 123 shall prejudice any power of a local authority to provide services or incur expenditure.

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To be appointed

To be appointed: see s 154(2)(b).

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