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109Grants: Northern Ireland

(1)    The Department of Higher and Further Education, Training and Employment in Northern Ireland may make regulations authorising grants to be paid to or in respect of individuals in connection with their education or training.

(2)    The regulations must provide that grants may be paid only to or in respect of individuals—

(a)    who hold accounts which qualify under section 104,

(b)    who are parties to arrangements which qualify under section 106, or

(c)    who hold such accounts and are parties to such arrangements.

(3)    Subsections (3) to (7) of section 108 apply to regulations under this section as they apply to regulations under that section; and for this purpose—

(a)    references in those subsections to the Secretary of State are to be treated as references to the Department;

(b)    the reference in subsection (4)(b) to arrangements which qualify under section 105 is to be treated as a reference to arrangements which qualify under section 106.

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