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Tolley's Pensions Law is a comprehensive commentary written by a team of legal and tax experts in the pensions field. It provides clear information on the legal and technical aspects of operating pension schemes, as well as giving guidance and explanations on a large range of issues, including: Types of pension provision; Establishing and amending an occupational scheme; Membership and benefits; Investment, assets, funding and surplus; Acquisitions, mergers, transfers and winding-up; Scottish law and overseas aspects.

Tolley's Pensions Law examines all types of pension schemes, including the State pension scheme, approved occupational pension schemes, Small Self Administered Schemes, Self-Invested Personal Pension Schemes, Personal pensions schemes, Unapproved pension schemes, Stakeholder pension schemes and public sector pension schemes.

Issue 119, October 2019


A6 Stakeholder Pensions
The chapter has been updated for current law and practice.

D3 Spouses, Civil Partners and Other Survivors
The section on inheritance tax has had a major rewrite and restructure to clarify the different regimes in this area of pensions law.

D7 The Pensions Aspects of Personal Injury and Fatal Accident Claims
This chapter has been significantly expanded, particularly with regard to its coverage of case law, pensions practice, and the Civil Liability Act 2018.

H3 Scheme Transfers
New sections have been added on: DC to DC bulk transfers without consent; the Master Trust regime; and Pensions Ombudsman cases.


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