Spitz & Clarke Offshore Service

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This service provides detailed commentary on each of the major offshore jurisdictions and brings together relevant legislation, as well as texts and summaries of relevant cases. Practitioners from leading law firms within each jurisdiction have contributed to the work.

It also covers all material necessary to enable the tax practitioner to assess the relative advantages and disadvantages of various tax havens.

Organised alphabetically for ease of reference, the Offshore Service is updated five times per annum ensuring the most current information is always to hand.

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Issue 158, June 2020

Part B Jurisdictions
The British Virgin Islands ([BVI.1]) chapter has been updated.
The Mauritius ([MAU.1]) chapter has been updated.
The Cayman Islands legislation has been updated.
Part C Cases
Hong Kong case Li and others v DBS Bank (Hong Kong) Ltd and othershas been added.
New Zealand case Re Marshall (deceased); Singleton and another v Marshall has been added.


Giles Clarke , MA, PhD, FTII, Barrister General editor