Butterworths Scottish Family Law Service

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Butterworths Scottish Family Law Service provides a single source of reference on all aspects of the law as it affects married and unmarried partners and their children. It concentrates on those matters of real and constant concern to the practitioner — the consequences of marriage breakdown, such as care of children, distribution of assets and associated problems with taxation, and social security. Its coverage of the law relating to children rivals that of specialist works, and includes substantial sections on, inter alia, adoption, children's hearings and child support. The law and practice of family law continue to develop at such a pace that only an efficient looseleaf work can succeed in keeping practitioners up to date. It also allows for sections to be expanded and for new sections to be added as necessitated by changes in the law. Butterworths Scottish Family Law Service is updated four times a year, enabling subscribers to keep abreast of all developments in the law.


Issue 76, March 2020


The following chapters have been updated:

C2: Parentage of children
C3: Child Support and Aliment
C12: Children’s hearings
I1: Introduction
I2: Adults
I3: Children
I4: Maintenance, and Property Consequences of Adult Relationships


Alexandra Plumtree , LLB, NP, Solicitor, Legal Consultant to BAAF Scotland Editor
Alison Wild , Advocate Editor
Brian Kearney , MA, LLB Solicitor, Formerly Sheriff of Glasgow and Strathkelvin at Glasgow Editor
Charlotte Coutts , BSc (Hons), LLB, Dip LP Advocate Editor
Daniel Kelly , QC, LLB (Hons), Cert de H Et Eur (Bruges) Editor
Dorothy A Kellas , Solicitor Editor
Ian Maxwell , Edinburgh Editor
Janys M Scott , MA (Cantab) Advocate Editor
John Fotheringham , WS, Solicitor, Lindsays General editor
John Speir , LLB Advocate Editor
Keith Puttick , MA (Distinction), LLB (Hons) Solicitor and Principal Lecturer in Law, Staffordshire University Editor
Kenneth Revie , Advocate Editor
Kirsty Malcolm , LLB (Hons), Dip LP Advocate, Faculty of Advocates, Edinburgh Editor
Margaret Hodge , Advocate Editor
Robert Hayhow , Advocate Editor
 Ruth Innes LLB (Hons) with German Law Advocates' Library, Parliament House Editor
Sandra M Eden , LLB, ATII Senior Lecturer in Law, University of Edinburgh Editor