Ross: Commercial Leases

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Since the last issue, the following chapters have been updated:
Division A, Chapter 1: Drafting
Division A, Chapter 3: Reaching agreement
Division B, Chapter 2: Use
Division F, Chapter 2: The essentials: parties
Division F, Chapter 3: Guarantors
Division F, Chapter 4: Former tenant as guarantor
Division G, Chapter 8: The third party: arbitrator or exert?
Division H, Chapter 1: Alienation
Division H, Chapter 2: User
Division H, Chapter 3: Alterations
Division H, Chapter 4: Other covenants
Division I, Chapter 1: Fundamentals
Division I, Chapter 4: Breach of tenant’s repairing covenant
Division K, Chapter 3: Landlord obligations in relation to tenant's use and enjoyment
Division N, Chapter 1: Forfeiture
Division N, Chapter 2: Break clauses
Division N, Chapter 3: Option to renew
Division P, Chapter 8: The terms of the new tenancy: premises, duration, rent and other terms
Division Q, Chapter 1: Pre-completion tasks and completion
Division Q, Chapter 2: Post-completion tasks

Issue 42, October 2019


The following chapters have been updated:

Division A: Drafting and Negotiating Leases
Division B: Non-drafting Steps
Division C: Taxation
Division D: The Premises
Division E: Rights, exceptions and reservations
Division F:Before the Covenants
Division G: Rent Review
Division H: The Tenant’s Covenants
Division I: Repairing Covenants
Division K: Landlord's Covenants
Division L: Insurance
Division M: Service Charges
Division N: Provisos
Division O: Under Leases
Division P: Renewal of Business Leases
Division Q: Completion and Post-completion


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