Ross: Commercial Leases

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Ross: Commercial Leases provides the complete commercial lease service, including relevant cases, materials, precedents and guidance for whatever type of commercial lease you may face.


Since the last issue, the following chapters have been updated:
Division A, Chapter 1: Drafting
Division A, Chapter 3: Reaching agreement
Division B, Chapter 2: Use
Division F, Chapter 2: The essentials: parties
Division F, Chapter 3: Guarantors
Division F, Chapter 4: Former tenant as guarantor
Division G, Chapter 8: The third party: arbitrator or exert?
Division H, Chapter 1: Alienation
Division H, Chapter 2: User
Division K, Chapter 3: Landlord obligations in relation to tenant's use and enjoyment
Division N, Chapter 2: Break clauses
Division N, Chapter 3: Option to renew
Division Q, Chapter 1: Pre-completion tasks and completion
Division Q, Chapter 2: Post-completion tasks

Issue 42, October 2019


The following chapters have been updated:

Division A: Drafting and Negotiating Leases
Division B: Non-drafting Steps
Division C: Taxation
Division D: The Premises
Division E: Rights, exceptions and reservations
Division F:Before the Covenants
Division G: Rent Review
Division H: The Tenant?s Covenants
Division I: Repairing Covenants
Division K: Landlord's Covenants
Division L: Insurance
Division M: Service Charges
Division N: Provisos
Division O: Under Leases
Division P: Renewal of Business Leases
Division Q: Completion and Post-completion


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