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The Medical Law Review is established as an authoritative source of reference for academics, lawyers, legal and medical practitioners, law students and anyone interested in health care and the law. Primarily the Medical Law Review presents articles of international interest which provide thorough analyses and comment on the wide range of topical issues that are fundamental to this area of law. In addition it carries two commentary sections. The first concentrates on UK law and includes case reports and legislation summaries followed by analytical
interpretation of the impact of new developments in medical law. The second section concentrates on recent medico-legal developments in the US, the Commonwealth and Europe. The Review also carries book reviews of relevant publications.

Footnotes, where present, are bi-directional. This journal, along with other available UK law journals, can be searched in the All UK Law Journals file.

Online ISSN: 1464-3790
Print ISSN: 0967-0742

Volume 27, Issue 4, 1 NOVEMBER 2019

Med Law Rev (2019) 27 (4): 541


Editorial: Defining and Regulating the Boundaries of Sex and Sexuality
Regulating Child Sex Robots: Restriction or Experimentation?
Limit Cases: How and Why We Can and Should Decriminalise HIV Transmission, Exposure, and Non-Disclosure
Removing Harmful Options: The Law and Ethics of International Commercial Surrogacy
Adolescents and Body Modification for Gender Identity Expression
The Medico-Legal 'Making' of 'the Transgender Child'
Did Bioethics Matter? A History of Autonomy, Consent, and Intersex Genital Surgery
Emergencies and Equivocality Under the Inherent Jurisdiction: A Local Authority V Bf [2018] Ewca Civ 2962 and Southend-On-Sea Borough Council V Meyers [2019] Ewhc 399 (Fam)
Interpreting Evidence of Torture
Reasonable Expectations of Privacy and Disclosure of Health Data

Book Reviews: Scholarly Misconduct: Law, Regulation and Practice
Book Reviews: Free Movement of Patients in the EU – A Patient's Perspective
Book Reviews: New Medicalism and the Mental Health Act
Books Received


Alison Jones Consultant editor
Daniel Cottam Contributor
James Wilson Editor
John A. Harrington Contributor
 Jos Miola Contributor
Katherine O'Donovan Contributor
Oliver Quick Contributor
Penny Lewis Contributor
Peter Bartlett Contributor
Rachel Anne Fenton Contributor
Robyn Martin Contributor
Ruth Brown Editor
Sarah Green Contributor