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Articles, letters, announcements and reviews on British law and practice as reported in the Law Society Gazette, the weekly journal for British solicitors.

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Print ISSN: 0262-1495

Volume 116 Issue 43, 9 December 2019
Citation: (2019) LS Gaz, 9 Dec, 8 (1)


News & technology: Clickable logo reported to watchdog
News & technology: Deloitte picks 14 startups for 'meaningful relationships'
News & technology: Lawtech spending lag

Leader: Workforce in progress
Up Front: Private prosecutions warning
Up Front: Revenue hike at top firms
Up Front: Baker McKenzie to face SDT over sexual misconduct claims
Up Front: 60 Seconds
Up Front: US legal giant gears up for SQE
Up Front: Bar chair demands end to flexible operating hours
Up Front: Recovery ruling hits company
Up Front: Mailbox to alert police to FGM protection orders ditched
Up Front: Mailbox to alert Court ID push for barristers
In Focus: Lawyers line up for parliament
In Focus: Lawyer in the News: Emma Brooks, Byrne and Partners
Obiter: Obiter presents: Brenda weaves a web: A Famous Eleven adventure for boys and girls of all ages
Opinion: Costs and Funding: A Christmas Gift on Part 36
Opinion: Starting Out: Mental health needs to play on our minds
Seen & Heard
Seen & Heard: Tweets of the week
Feature Women: 'A great many she bears'
Roundtable Exeter: Exe marks the spot
Feature Wellbeing: Room for compassion: Lubricating the cogs of a creaking legal system
Legal Update: Local Government: Public sector equality duty
Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal: Decisions
In Person: My Legal Life



Alison Jones Consultant editor
James Wilson Editor
Ruth Brown Editor