Law, Probability and Risk


The journal publishes papers that deal with topics on the interface of law and probabilistic reasoning. These are interpreted broadly to include aspects relevant to the interpretation of scientific evidence, the assessment of uncertainty and the assessment of risk. The readership is primarily academic lawyers, mathematicians, statisticians and social scientists with interests in quantitative reasoning.

Non-evidence law topics include environmental issues, mass torts, causation, risk assessment, medical and pharmaceutical litigation involving the evaluation of epidemiological and bio-statistical evidence according to legal criteria.

The primary objective of the journal is to cover issues in law, which have a scientific element, with an emphasis on statistical and probabilistic issues and the assessment of risk.

Online ISSN: 1470-840X
Print ISSN: 1470-8396

1 September 2019, Volume 18, Issue 2-3

Citation: Law Probability and Risk (2019) 18 (3): 97


Assessing randomness in case assignment: the case study of the Brazilian Supreme Court
Indemnity for a lost chance
Sample statistics as convincing evidence: a tax fraud case
Fingerprints and paternity testing: a study of genetics and probability in pre-DNA forensic science
Case comment: responding to the implausible, incredible and highly improbable stories defendants tell: a Bayesian interpretation of the Venray murder ruling
Case comment: differing interpretations of vaccine risk between courts and experts in Ministry of Health and Welfare (Taiwan) v. Chen
Calculating the Posterior Odds from a Single-Match DNA Database Search under various Scenarios with Minimal Assumptions
Calculating the posterior odds from a single-match DNA database search with hidden assumptions


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