Finance and Law for the Older Client

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Published in association with the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners, this service is designed to help financial advisers, lawyers and accountants advise their elderly clients on a range of financial and legal topics. It contains easy to access information that is both detailed and practical. Includes strong emphasis on financial matters, such as pensions, mortgages, gifts and taxation.

The work contains eleven main areas:
* Financial Matters
* Capacity
* Will Drafting
* Accommodation
* Community and Residential Care
* Powers of Attorney
* The Court of Protection
* Living Wills
* Abuse
* Dying Tidily
* Grandparents


Issue 77, August 2019

The following chapters have been updated:

  • A5: Gifts

  • A5A: Asset Protection Trusts For Family Affairs

  • C1: Essential Know-how

  • C2: Options for Funding Long-Term Care

  • C3: Local Authority Responsibilities for Providing Long-Term Care in the Community

  • C4: Assessments of Need and Provision of Services

  • C6: Charging for Non-Residential Services

  • C7: The Duty to Provide Residential Care

  • C8: Nursing Care

  • C9: Hospital Discharge

  • C10: The Duty to Charge for Residential Services

  • C11: Treatment of the Resident’s Former Home under the Charging Regulations

  • C12: Funding Residential Care through Welfare Benefits

  • C15: Gifts and the Notional Capital Rule

  • C16: The Enforcement of Assessments Based on Notional Capital

  • C17: Avoiding the Impact of the Notional Capital Rule

  • C18: Quality Control in Care Homes: Regulation, Registration and Inspection

  • C19: Complaints, Appeals and Human Rights

  • D1: Legal Capacity

  • D2: Mental Capacity: Health and Social Care Issues

  • D3: The Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards

  • H2: Elder Abuse

  • Index

    An updated set of index is included in this issue.

    • Christopher Bates
    • Sarah Black
    • Sam Karim
    • Stuart Price


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