Family Law Precedents Service


Update 45 (October 2019) includes:

We have pleasure in enclosing Issue 45 to Family Law Precedents Service. This issue contains amendments to Divisions C (Financial Orders); D (Miscellaneous Applications); E (Children); F (Inheritance); G (Injunctions); I (Cohabitation); K (Enforcement); L (Appeals); M (Costs); and N (Protected Parties).

In addition, the following new precedents have been added:
I1B Cancellation of cohabitation contract.
L3A Family Court: Appeal from judge of circuit judge level to a judge of the High Court.
N51 Repatriation of P out of the jurisdiction.


 Ellie Foster Contributor
 Lisa Phillips Contributor
 Marc Marin District Judge Contributor
 Michael Horton Consultant editor
 Michael Keehan The Hon. Mr Justice General editor
 Nicola Rowlings Contributor
 Roger Bird LLB Founding editor
 Susan Jackson District Judge Contributor