Archived EU Consolidated Versions (Pre-Exit Archive)


This source contains legislation content originally derived from the European Union which is of historic relevance in UK domestic law following the UK?s withdrawal from the EU and is archived for reference purposes. This source is separate to our EU legislation content, which is maintained in order to reflect the continued development of EU law.

This source is intended to be a resource for viewing instruments passed during the UK?s membership of the EU and does not comment on the legislation?s status in the UK.

The Consolidated Versions in this source are those issued by the Publications Office of the European Union and should not be viewed as representing up-to-date legislation immediately prior to the UK?s exit from the EU.

In some cases, Consolidated Versions or parts of Consolidation Versions may never have been effective in the UK. The status of these should be interpreted on a case-by-case basis.

European Union,, 1998-2019