Anthony and Berryman's Magistrates' Court Guide 2019

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2019 Edition. Up to date to 1 September 2018
Anthony & Berryman’s Magistrates’ Court Guide 2019 is the definitive guide to all activities of the magistrates’ court and provides a completely up-to-date picture of the law as at 1 September 2018.
Six sections cover the following topics:

• Criminal offences dealt with in magistrates' courts
• Sentencing
• Road traffic offences
• Property in possession of police
• The youth court
• Liquor licensing
• Betting and gaming licensing
• Council tax
• Court room procedure
• Remands in custody and bail
• Justices in the Crown Court
• The role of the justices' clerk
• Applications to a justice

Practical and easy to use, it is the single most important guide to all the activities of the magistrates' court, containing straightforward and concise coverage of new case law.
The 2019 edition includes the follow updates:

• Amendments to the Criminal Procedure Rules and Criminal Practice Directions
• New Sentencing Council guidelines
• New offences on coercive/controlling behavior in an intimate/family relationship; disclosing sexual images; failing to give information
• The latest cases on

o Animal Welfare Act prosecution time limits
o Self defence and householders
o Defence of necessity
o Insanity and offences of strict liability
o Meaning of ‘dishonesty’
o Restraining orders and the views of the victim
o Psychoactive substances and the ‘medicinal products’ exemption
o Disclosure, adjournments and use of written evidence in drink/driving cases
o Motor vehicles and the meaning of ‘use’
o Sending ‘related offences’ to the Crown Court
o Search warrants
o Proceeds of Crime and forfeiture procedure and tests
o Confiscation orders and effect of part payment on term in default
o Disqualification orders under the Animal Welfare Act 2006


 Adrian Turner Author