Journal of International Banking & Financial Law

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A highly regarded and authoritative monthly journal that provides the latest information on developments in banking and financial law throughout the world. Published 11 times a year, this is an indispensable publication for any professionals needing to keep up to date with law and practice in the global financial market.

This online publication includes editorial, articles, international briefings, update service and book reviews. Occasional supplements are not included online.

Print ISSN: 0269-2694

Volume 32, Issue 9, 1 October 2017

Citation: (2017) 9 JIBFL 531


Unlawful financial assistance: rising from the dead
Further twists and turns in the labyrinth of statutory liability for misrepresentation
Travels in unreality: hard cases for SMEs and the making of English financial law
Unexpected, illogical and unfair: the distinction between who can and who cannot sue for breaches of financial services rules
Islamic finance — an attempt to mitigate Shari'a compliance risk
Taking security over funds: Cascading Pledges and involving the depositary
Waterfall I: a “rather fundamental question” about the statutory insolvency scheme
Developments in intercreditor agreements with asset-based lenders
Protocols not proceedings — or how to keep a creditor out of his money
Where angels fear to tread: the limits of good faith in commercial contracts
Fintech threatens bank lending: “cloud funding” and the bank of [the] Amazon
English privilege disputes: why recent challenge to the lex fori failed
Attribution to a company of the mental element in the offence of disseminating false or misleading information
Registration of UK company charges — theory and practice
Investment and corporate banking: prohibition of restrictive contractual clauses
VAT in the UAE: implications for transactions and group structuring
Cases Analysis
Regulation Update
Market Movements
Losing its Strong Hold Over Foreign Banks: Implications of the Trump Administration's Financial Plans for Dodd-Frank Reform


Janina Godowska Sub-editor
John Jarvis , QC Consultant editor
Rebecca Smith Senior editor and international briefings editor