Goode: Consumer Credit Law and Practice

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Goode: Consumer Credit Law and Practice provides comprehensive commentary on the UK Consumer Credit Act 1974 and related legislation; as well as Rates and Rebates; Codes of Practice and Guidance Notes; VAT and EC materials; Non-contentious Forms; Contentious Forms; Official Forms; and a Directory.

Issue 54 (August 2017)

This Issue of Goode: Consumer Credit Law and Practice includes updates to the following areas of the title:


Binder 1
Preliminary materials
  • Tables of Statutes, Statutory Instruments, European Legislation and Cases;

  • Main Index;

  • Supplementary Index.

  • Division I – Commentary
    Part IA - Background, Credit Institutions and Instruments
  • Chapters 1

  • Part IC - Consumer Credit Legislation
  • Chapters 1

  • Binder 2
    Division I - Commentary (Cont.)
    Part ID - Special forms of credit

    Division II - Consumer Credit Act
    Part IIB - The Consumer Credit Act 1974

    Binder 3
    Division III - Regulations under the Act;
  • Part IIIG - Consumer credit and consumer hire agreements

  • Division V - Other Statutes
  • Amendments made to various legislation within this section.

  • Binder 4
    Division VI – Other Statutory Instruments
  • Amendments made to various legislation within this section.

  • Division XI - Non-contentious forms
  • Amendments and updates made to codes of practice contained within this section.
  • Contributors

     Dennis Rosenthal , BA (Hons), LLB (Wits); Barrister, Henderson Chambers Editor
     Federico Ferretti , PhD, Lecturer in Law, Brunel Law School, Brunel University London Editor
     Frank R Johnstone , MA, LLB University of Glasgow; Partner, McClure Naismith, Glasgow Editor
     Nazeer Chowdhury , BA, MPhil (Cambridge), Barrister, Henderson Chambers Editor
     Peter Rott , Dr jur (Erlangen); Assoc Professor in Private Law, in particular European Private Law, University of Bremen Editor
     Richard Mawrey QC , QC, MA (Oxon); Barrister, Henderson Chambers Editor
     Roy Goode QC , CBE, QC, LLD, FBA, Hon DSc Econ (Lond) of the Inner Temple, Barrister; Emeritus Professor of Law in the University of Oxford and Emeritus Fellow of St John's College, Oxford; Honorary Fellow of Queen Mary College, University of London; Honorary Bencher, Inner Temple, Sir General editor
     Stephen Makin , LLB (Leics), Senior Legal Counsel, Barclays Bank plc, London Editor
     Toby Riley-Smith , MA, Barrister, Henderson Chambers Editor