Emden’s Construction Law by Crown Office Chambers

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Emden's Construction Law by Crown Office Chambers is the leading source of authoritative and detailed information on the whole area of construction law.

Volume 1 consists of a detailed narrative exposition of the law in all key areas including: making the contract; performing the contract; third parties; and pursuing claims. Fully updated statutory materials.

Volumes 2 and 3 contain the latest JCT 2016 and JCT 2011 suite of contracts.

This complete reference work is for all those involved in litigation, preparing tender or contract documents, working out claims for sub-contractors or advising borough architects or surveyors.

Currently three looseleaf volumes, seven updates per year, invoiced separately. The content of both volumes are available online.

Issue 179, June 2017


The following JCT Contracts have been supplied with this issue:

  • JCT Prime Cost Building Contract 2016 Edition

  • JCT Prime Cost Building Contract Guide 2016 Edition

  • JCT Measured Term Contract 2016 Edition

  • JCT Measured Term Contract Guide 2016 Edition

  • Framework Agreement 2016 Edition

  • Framework Agreement Guide 2016 Edition

  • JCT Repair and Maintenance Contract Commercial 2016 Edition

  • Performing The Contract (Ch 5 – 16)

    Chapter 6 (Payment) has been fully revised and updated

    Table of Statutes, Table of Statutory Instruments, and Table of Cases have been updated.


     Andrew Bartlett QC Editor
     Andrew Rigney QC Editor
     Anna Laney Editor
    His Honour Judge Antony Edwards-Stuart QC Editor
     Athena Markides Author
     Ben Quiney Editor
     Carlo Taczalski Editor
     Caroline McColgan Author
     Charles Pimlott Editor
     Crispin Winser Editor
    Dr Cyril Chern Editor
     Daniel Shaw Author
     David Myhill Editor
     David Sears QC Editor
     Dermot Woolgar Editor
     Ebony Alleyne Editor
    His Honour Humphrey LLoyd QC Consultant editor
     Isabel Hitching General editor
     Jack Macaulay Author
     James Sharpe Editor
     Jane Davies Evans Author
     Michael Curtis QC General editor
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     Rebecca Taylor Editor
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     Roger ter Haar QC Editor
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