APIL Personal Injury


Issue 44 (October 2017) includes:

  • Division A (Law and Liability) – Section A13 (Children) now covers failure to take into care, along with general updating and new case-law such as Anderson v Imrie, CICA v First Tier Tribunal and Y and the Court of Appeal’s decision in JL v Archbishop of Birmingham.

  • Division C (Damages) – Section C3 (Loss of Earnings) includes new case-law such as JR v Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust along with developments on deductions for the cost of earnings and ‘lost years’ and the new discount rate to be applied to the Ogden Tables. The coverage of the magnitude of the risk in Section C12 (Provisional Damages) is expanded.

  • Division D (Funding) – Sections D3 (Conditional Fee Agreements) and D5A (Qualified One-Way Cost Shifting) are updated generally, including discussion of Catalano v Espley-Tylas Development Group.

  • Division E (Costs) – Along with general updating including new case-law in Sections E2 (File Notes), E5 (Principles of Costs Recovery), E6 (Estimates, Budgets and Caps) and E7 (Fixed Costs), Section E7 now includes a discussion of Lord Justice Jackson’s Supplemental Report on Fixed Recoverable Costs.

  • Division F (Running the Case) – Section F18 (Alternative Dispute Resolution) incorporates new case-law such as Great Ormond Street Hospital v Yates and Marsh v Ministry of Justice.

  • Division H (Statutory Materials) – takes account of recent changes to statutes, statutory instruments and the Civil Procedure Rules.

  • Division J (Quantum Facts and Figures) – Section J9 (Social Security Benefits) is updated with 2017–18 rates.

Designed and written by leading claimant lawyers, APIL Personal Injury Law, Practice and Precedents, available in print or online, is a comprehensive and practical reference work dealing with every aspect of personal injury practice. Combining authoritative commentary, expertly drafted precedents and other key materials, it is the ideal resource for all claimant lawyers.

What is included?

Leading practitioners provide detailed and practical analysis on the basis of liability for each of the major types of personal injury actions, together with a thorough examination of the law relating to limitation, damages, funding and costs. The practice and procedure relating to PI claims is dealt with comprehensively and with particular emphasis placed on the needs of claimant lawyers.

Legislation and Procedure
Over 60 key statutes and statutory instruments as well as extracts from the Civil Procedure Rules.

Expertly drafted precedents including over 70 model letters, 40 pleadings, draft applications, and model schedules of loss are provided.

The full text of the Criminal Injuries Compensation Agreement 2008 and both the Untraced and Uninsured Drivers’ Agreements are reproduced, together with the text of the Highway Code.

Quantum materials
Key materials such as the Ogden Tables and JSB Guidelines are included, as well as key statistics and calculations such as Multipliers for Periodic Loss, Interim Life Tables, Earnings, Interest, Prices, Income Tax and NI, Social Security Benefits, Court of Protection Fees, Motoring Costs, Fostering Costs, Nursing Costs and many more.

Funding and Costs
Model CFA agreements, Solicitors Regulation Authority materials, model risk assessments, court forms and APIL/PIBA 6.


 David Marshall Author
 Frances McCarthy Author