The Rt Hon Lord Carloway Lord Justice Clerk


Lord Carloway was appointed Lord Justice Clerk in August 2012.

A graduate from the University of Edinburgh, he was admitted to the Faculty of Advocates in 1977 and served as Advocate Depute between 1986 and 1989 until his appointment as Queen's Counsel in 1990. He was Treasurer of the Faculty of Advocates from 1994 until his appointment as a judge in 2000.

Lord Carloway is a member of the Scottish Court Service Board and recently led a high profile review into criminal law and practice in Scotland following the landmark decision of the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom in Cadder v HM Advocate.

A former president of the Scottish Arts Club, he was co-editor of Parliament House Portraits: the Art Collection of the Faculty of Advocates and has contributed to a number of professional publications including the Civil Procedure reissue title within the Stair Memorial Encyclopaedia.