Laura Bolado


EU Law Specialist


Laura has worked in EU law for over a decade that is, to date, her main area of expertise. In 2003 she worked for the European Commission and later for one of its agencies (European Medicines Agency). There she gained experience on the functioning of the EU as such which she later applied in legal roles at pharmaceutical companies and law firms before turning to a more generalist approach to EU law at LexisNexis. At LexisNexis she helped develop and maintain EU Tracker (writing on the implementation of EU Directives in different EU jurisdictions, etc.) and assisted various departments with EU law related matters in her EU Law Specialist capacity. Laura also delivered EU law training to several interns and legal professionals. Laura left LexisNexis in late 2013 and is currently enjoying a sabbatical year whilst exploring her options in the educational and freelance writing environments. In 2014 Laura lectured EU law at universities in Argentina; spoke at an international conference and continued with her contributions to national legal publications (for Rubinzal and Abeledo Perrot/Thomson Reuters) in the EU and wider topic known as Integration law. In October 2014 Laura became an author for PSL Public Law


Laura is a dual-qualified lawyer (Argentina and Spain) with two LLMs in European Law and in Informatics and Law awarded by the Universidad Complutense of Madrid, Spain.