Glenda Rivetti


Senior Consultant, WSP Environment & Energy


Glenda, trained and chartered as a structural engineer, has an MSc in Renewable Energy & Sustainability and specialises in low-energy design and low- and zero-carbon technologies. In the past 8 years she has developed a robust knowledge and proficiency in energy-generation products, from traditional to renewable technologies, energy demand and supply models, and wider sustainable urban design. She is experienced in a range of methodologies to evaluate environmental conditions, elaborate solutions and predict the effects of energy or carbon offsetting-related design options. These include data collection and interpretation methods and computer-based simulations of buildings, set within a framework of low-energy design principles.

Glenda has been a key contributor in developing energy-demand profiles and energy supply for several sites, including a quarter in China, new cities in India, Pakistan and Qatar, a government site in the north of England and other UK masterplan projects. She has worked on the energy strategy in support of the new Green Building Code for Colombia, working with the local IFC office. She has delivered work on associated data collection and analysis, technical assumption and modelling in addition to analysis of wider environmental and financial impacts over the productsâ?? life cycles.

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University of Pavia: MEng (Building Engineering & Architecture)
University of Florence: MSc (Building Integration of Renewable Energy Technologies & Sustainability)


2004 - University of Pavia, Faculty of Engineering CEng - Institute Chartered Engineers of Cremona
2008 - Carbon Trust Assessor - Low Carbon Design Assessment and Design Advice
2007 - Certificate SAP (Standard Assessment Procure) Assessor