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Suzanne Rab is a barrister specialising in UK and EU competition law and regulation. She has over 15 years of experience advising businesses, regulators and competition authorities on EU, UK and international competition law across the range of competition law, merger control and regulatory matters.  

She has particular experience advising on transactions and commercial agreements and practices, including in proceedings before the UK competition and regulatory authorities and the European Commission. She has worked on some of the most high profile merger, market and cartel investigations in Europe and the UK.  

Suzanne has advised on major cartel investigations, appeals and follow-on actions, including advising on the European Commissionâ??s investigation under Article 101 TFEU in relation to air freight and appeal to the General Court and in relation to antitrust investigations into cartel activity in marine hoses.

Suzanne has particular experience advising on the antitrust and regulatory issues arising in the regulated sectors including communications, energy, financial services, pharmaceuticals, transportation and water.  Suzanne has wide experience of advising businesses, governments and regulators on developing and implementing new laws and regulatory regimes in line with international best practices.  

Suzanne regularly speaks at conferences, presenting on a variety of competition-related topics including merger control, sector regulation, and the role of economics in competition cases. Suzanne has made media appearances on competition law and regulatory matters, including for BBC Radio, BBC Worldwide and Bloomberg Television.   

Suzanne publishes in a range of legal and trade journals including Competition Law Insight, European Competition Law Review, Journal of European Competition Law and Practice and Utilities Journal. She is regularly quoted in the quality press and media on competition law topics, including in Bloomberg, The Deal, Dow Jones, European Voice, Financial Times, The Guardian, Reuters, Wall Street Journal.
Suzanne is the author of â??Indian Competition Law, an International Perspectiveâ? (first published by Wolters Kluwer, May 2012; with a supplement on cartel regulation published in January 2013). The book is the first-of its-kind international comparative analysis of the Competition Act 2002 published contemporaneously with the coming into force of Indian merger control.  

Suzanne is also co-author (with Dr Alison Sprague) of "Media Ownership and Control: Law, Economics and Policy in an Indian and International Context" (Hart Studies in Competition Law, 2014).

Suzanne was called to the Bar in 2013 as a transferring solicitor advocate. In private practice as a solicitor, she has held positions and most recently partnership at leading international antitrust practices including Slaughter and May, Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer, Hogan Lovells and King & Spalding.  She has also held the role of director at PricewaterhouseCoopers working within its strategy, economics and forensics team.

Suzanne has three degrees in law, all from the University of Oxford (Oriel College).  She holds a post-graduate Bachelor of Civil Law degree specialising in competition law, IP, evidence and the conflict of laws.  

She is a Visiting Fellow of Imperial College London specialising in competition cases with an antitrust/ IP dimension.  She has also taught at the University of Oxford.  She is a senior research associate with the Regulatory Policy Institute, based in Oxford.

Suzanne is the author of â??Indian Competition Law, an International Perspectiveâ? (with a supplement of cartel regulation). The book is the first-of-its-kind international comparative analysis of the Competition Act 2002 published contemporaneously with the coming into force of Indian competition law and merger control.

Suzanne is also co-author of "Media Ownership and Control: Law, Economics and Policy in an Indian and International Context".


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